Welcome to the start of Nova Networks home page news!

Here on the home page, you will find that Nova will release big news posts to keep every one including the new arrivals, all up to date on the latest gist!

Currently, love has been working to bring back our webpage and our shop, our webpage recently had a large update that included minor breaking changes which caused us to have to take a step back and straighten a few things out.

As of posting this though, we have gotten everything back on track and we hope to roll out more things to the website, including but not limited to filling up our shop for the opportunity for you all to support the network and our developments, along with sending out our new staff applications for those interested in joining the team.

As it stands now with Nova Network is that we currently host a single mod pack with a few under development.

Our current Live pack is Nova Academy, which is full of quests, survival creative, craftable creative items, and all-around a power-hungry adventure questing server modpack.

Some of the other servers we have on the list are 1.12.2 Voltz, FTB Infinity Evolved Skyblock, Technic, and OmniFactory!

Glad to have y'all around and if you are new here, come join us over in the community discord

Posted on December 10, 2020 by X_Niter