Staff Application Template


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September 30, 2020 at 8:06 PM

Below is the Staff applicaiton template, Copy it and make a text file and fill out the info! When done , make a ticket on this web site or in discord.

1.What is your Discord username? EX: Bob#1010

2.Are you a member of Nova-Network Patreon page and have a pledge with us?

  1. How long have you been with the network?

  2. What is your age?

  3. How many hours weekly would you be online? (This is a rough estimate combining both in-game and in the discord.)

  4. What roles or experiences have you had in the past that would make you best fitting for the team?

  5. How experienced are you with mods, plugins, developing packs and/or servers? (You can answer to one, some, or all)

  6. Situational Question: You read a ticket on discord that a player has created and after reading what the issue is, you have no clue on how to fix this players issue. What do you do inside this ticket?

  7. Situational Question: You find a player has banned items and has been using them appropriately. The player is willing to follow your instructions and take any punishment that is deemed fitting. What do you do?

  8. Situational Question: You come across a player abusing cusswords heavily all over chat, you politely ask him to stop and he listens. A few hours pass of normal chatting amongst all players and you notice that he slips out an F-bomb or two after he just broke his ME system with an 11x11 staff of power swing. What do you do?

  9. What do you bring to the team that other applicants do not? (Be as detailed as you want.)

  10. What is your goal with being apart of the staff team?

  11. The team is always researching new content and better features to add to the network. What ideas do you have for the network as a whole that you feel would make the network better? (Say as much as you can.)

  12. Do you agree that all work in any form or fashion done for Nova Network will be considered property of Nova in which full authority to do as they please with such work. (This pertains to any and all work that is donated/given to Nova. This includes but is not limited to ... Any art work, Text writings, Message layouts, Role designing, Name changes, Configurations, ETC...)

  13. Is there anything more that you would like to add? You may add as much as you like.