Latest changes & Academy release


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September 28, 2020 at 11:52 AM

Along with our servers, we've had a handful of other changes across the board. Please take a few minutes and look below for the recent change-log and events. As always, thank you for supporting Nova, and we are excited to support you along your exciting gaming experince.

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Voting is now active with more rewards then before! (Currently only applies to Nova Academy server) New custom hosted Discord bot sponsored by YAGPDB. Thank you Jonus! Up comming changes to tidy up the discord channels, commands, and server chat messages. Bedwars is now active. Hunger games is now active. Mob Arenas is now active. MurderMystery is under repairs Spleef, splegg, bow spleef, is under development. Creative plots under development. Build battles under devlopement. Village defender under devlopement. Currently in the workds to mix mcMMO RPG experience into the mini games/ hub server. Nova Academy Official modpack has been released to version

If you'd like to see more updates, and communicate with the community, you can do this through Discord. Are community changelog can also be found over on Nova's Discord Server.